Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

The Definitive Statement on Chocolate & Beer.

Chocolate Manifesto Triple Chocolate Milk Stout

For those seeking decadence and transcendence in a craft beer, we bring you The Chocolate Manifesto Triple Chocolate Milk Stout, a luxurious beer that demands to be shared among friends. With 3 kinds of chocolate, this beer is a euphoric detour from the mundane. Life is too short to brew beer that doesn’t matter to you.


Cans 473mL | Kegs 30L

LIMITED 473mL Box & Bottle Brewery Only
Available at the Brewery, LCBO (Holiday & Winter)
LCBO# 534594


ABV 10% alc./vol. | OG 1.109 | SRM Just Black
Malts: Chocolate Malt, Dark Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley, Pale Malt, Flaked Oats
Hops: Millennium Hops (for bittering)

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The Chocolate Manifesto is our definitive statement on beer and chocolate. Unfermentable milk sugars, or lactose, gives this classic Milk Stout voluptuous body and velvety mouthfeel.

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Three strata of raw cacao nibs, cacao powder, and chocolate malt layer a triple doozie of chocolate in this unique Milk Stout. Earthy espresso notes and creamy chocolate dominate this ruby-lit, burnt umber bodied beer simmering with a welcoming 10% ABV of bittersweet warmth.

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The Chocolate Manifesto is a dessert unto itself. Drop in a scoop of ice cream and it becomes an amazing beer float. Also pairs with chocolate cake, crème brûlée, bread pudding, or classic pound cake, and fruity cheesecake.