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Without Winter, Would We Care So Much About Spring?

Tiny Little Blizzards Northern Hemisphere IPA

From Southern Hemisphere Wizards to Northern Hemisphere Blizzards, five northern-home hops join in a winter vortex of IPA coolness.


Cans 473mL | Kegs 30L
Available at LCBO, Select Grocers, The Beer Store
LCBO # 12172


ABV 7% | IBUs 42
Malts: Pale 2-Row, Oat Malt, Oat Flakes
Boil: Cascade, Idaho 7 Hops and Lactose
Dry-Hopped: Ariana, Sultana, El Dorado, Eureka!, Cashmere

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Eureka & El Dorado hops evoke resinous aromas of evergreen forests and wavering spruce in gusts of lemony winter light while plush Cashmere Hops nestle soft melon and downy peach aromas in a frothy blanket. Bright Ariana Hops bring snowy vanilla notes and sparkly citrus frosting atop the crisp drifts of Sultana Hops’ Pineapple, pine, and spicy citrus peel notes.

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Fluffy & crisp like winter snow, taste the magic of five fresh Northern Hemisphere hops in this special, lactose-creamed winter IPA. Ontario Has 5 1/2 months of hazy winter: we’ve made peace with it.    

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These bright, pulpy hops are great with classic fish ‘n chips, a hearty maple-laced butternut squash soup, caramelized grilled meats, and creamy cheeses. And the cedar and evergreen notes create a suprising fusion of flavour with a big square of pure milk chocolate for dessert.