Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery


Welcome to the Brewery! The Taproom is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

Sorry, but we DO NOT take Reservations.

NEW HOURS Monday thru Saturday 11:00 am to Midnight

Sunday 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

For other Tap Room inquiries, TEXT us directly at
(236) 237-0953

Curious About Private Parties Upstairs in the Attic Lounge?



Can’t pick just one beer? Try 4!

Build Your Own Flight of Flying Monkeys 4 x 5 oz.

Prices Vary With Selections.

BREWERY EXCLUSIVE! Infinite Minds Craft Seltzers by Flying Monkeys

  • 1. WORLDS AWAY - Modern Lager4.7%Progressive unfiltered lager with 6-row malt
  • 2. RAVING LOOPS of Computer Music - Amber4.3%Lager with toffee, bread crust and sweet malt
  • 3. THE MUTANTS ARE REVOLTING - Crushable IPA 4.5%Low ABV IPA with juicy tropical notes
  • 4. QUANTUM HUGS - Cold IPA6.1%Dry-hopped lager with sabro, strata, and nelson
  • 5. VELVET BUBBLELORD - Fruited Sour6%Fresh blueberries with a kiss of lemon verbena
  • 6. JUICY ASS IPA - Unfiltered IPA6.5%Dry-hopped with mosaic, simcoe, citra, and amarillio
  • 7. CROWD SURF MOTEL - Passionfruit IPA7%Tropical hops on a bed of passionfruit blooms
  • 8. PARADISE DELIGHT - COCONUT LEMON CHIFFON IIPA8.3%bright and fresh IIPA with coconut and lemon
  • 9. GLOOP - Fruity Breakfast IPA6.1%Tropical flavours floating on vanilla oats
  • 10. YUMMO - Citrus Fruit Punch IPA6.3%Five-alive inspired IPA with pineapple, and orange
  • 11. HOPTICAL ILLUSION ALMOST PALE ALE 5%Toasted Biscuit with Amarillo and Cascade
  • 12. 12 MINUTES TO DESTINY4.1%Rose-hips, hibiscus and Raspberry Lager
  • 13. EVERY COMMA IN YOUR CHECKLIST 8.1%rainbow sherbet IPA
  • 14. SPARKLEPUFF - Triple dry hopped triple IPA10.2%Summer peaches on a bed of tropical hops
  • 15. Space Age Sunshine - Orange creamsicle QIPA11.6%Quadruple IPA with orange juice and vanilla beans
  • 16. Chocolate Manifesto - Chocolate Milk Stout10%A decadent and euphoric triple milk stout


  • Space Born Unicorn Hard Seltzer

    Fresh, Light, & Magical! Multifaceted refreshment with cool waves of watermelon in pristine springs of cucumber departing with a lime flash. Only 99 calories & less than I g of sugar per 473mL can!
  • Supersonic Puppy Dreams Hard Seltzer

    Natural pineapple-mango-orange creamsicle flavours capture the nostalgic joy of a fresh stick of juicy gum mixed with the tongue-lolling smile of a dreaming puppy. With bubbles! Only 130 calories & less than I g of sugar per 473mL can!
  • Tangerine Fuzz Machine Hard Seltzer

    Far Out Fuzz! This trippy little hard seltzer sippy pulses with tingly tangerine, soft fuzzy peaches, and glittery yuzu sass on the finish. And, all this grooves at you in a 5% ABV hard seltzer with only 130 calories and less than 1 g of sugar for a FULL 173mL can!
  • Robots Kiss Butterflies Hard Seltzer

    The solidity of riveted robots meets the ethereal breath of butterflies flitting in lemon circuitry layered with zingy grapple-note gooseberries popped by sweet-tart sparkles of ginger. Somehow, it computes. Only 130 calories & less than I g of sugar per 473mL can!
  • Supersonic Puppy Dreams Vodka Craft Seltzer

    Our Brewhouse is NOT Gluten-Free, but this Gluten-Friendly Option is created with pure distilled vodka spirit rather than a sugar-based fermentation with malt products. No gluten ingredients in this one, but it's still from a Brewery ... Enjoy the same nostalgic mix of orange creamsicle, pineapple, and mango BUT this time it's captured in 473mL of a 130 calorie Craft Vodka Seltzer.


  • Frosty the Friendship Dragon Whipped Frosting DIPA

    Airy pockets of vanilla muffled with lemon puree topping Amarillo, Motueka, & Ekuanot hops
  • Crowd Surf Motel Passion Fruit IPA

    Hops crowded on top of passion fruit i tropical fruited IPA
  • Raving Loops of Computer Music Amber Lager