Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery


Welcome to the Brewery! The Taproom is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

Sorry, but we DO NOT take Reservations.

NEW HOURS Monday thru Saturday 11:00 am to Midnight

Sunday 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

For other Tap Room inquiries, TEXT us directly at
(236) 237-0953

Curious About Private Parties Upstairs in the Attic Lounge?



Can’t pick just one beer? Try 4!

Build Your Own Flight of Flying Monkeys 4 x 5 oz.

Prices Vary With Selections.

BREWERY EXCLUSIVE! Infinite Minds Craft Seltzers by Flying Monkeys

  • 1. WORLDS AWAY Modern Lager4.7%Progressive unfiltered lager with 6-row malt
  • 2. SPARKLE PUFF, GALAXY STARFIGHTER 10.2%Triple Dry Hopped Triple IPA - Citrus peaches
  • 3. THE MUTANTS ARE REVOLTING 4.5%Crushable IPA - Idaho 7 And Sabro Hops
  • 4. QUANTUM HUGS6.1%cold ipa w/ Sabro, Strata, Mosaic, Motueka
  • 5. VELVET BUBBLELORD 6%Blueberry sour with a kiss of lemon verbena
  • 6. JUICY ASS IPA6.5%highly hopped unfiltered IPA
  • 7. LIVE TRANSMISSION MILKSHAKE IPA6.3%Ipa with Lactose, Coconut and Orange
  • 8. CHOCOLATE MANIFESTO10%Imperial Triple Chocolate Milk Stout
  • 9. 12 MINUTES TO DESTINY4.1%Rose-hips, hibiscus and Raspberry Lager
  • 10. SPACE AGE SUNSHINE 11.6%Quadruple IPA - orange creamsicle
  • 11. REAPERS AND MOWERS DARK LAGER5%Dark Malts and Light Chocolate Notes
  • 12. RAVING LOOPS OF COMPUTER MUSIC4.3%Modern Amber Lager
  • 13. pilot - AM I SIMON OR GARFUNKEL?8.5%whipped frosting IIPA
  • 14. NIGHT OF THE LIVING GINGERBREAD9%Imperial Gingerbread Latte - gingerbread and coffee
  • 15. pilot - KEEPING UP WITH TODAYS CURRANTS7%Fruited stout - Lactose, Black currants and Vanilla
  • 16. INTERGALACTIC STAR GLAZER 8.2%Maple baltic porter on nitro